Wahid Shafique

Programmer | Web Dev

Github | Linkedin | wahidshafique42@gmail.com

I'm a game programmer turned web developer working full time in Toronto. I love building and thinking about things from scratch, and want to hone my software architecture skills.

Javascript, Typescript, HTML/CSS, React, Node, Vue, Styled System/Components, Browser Extensions, Redux/RTK, Cypress, RTL, Gatsby, Nuxt, Next, Svelte/Sveltekit, XState, Git, Unity 3D, Jest, Storybook


Lead Web Developer | Digital Public Square | Mar 2022 - Present

I'm involved in turning our workflow and using my leadership capabilities to create sustainable documentation (ADR/SWOT+ on Confluence), coding standards, ethics/licensing and performance audits, and more, to help push our small team to be effective. This work involves mentoring and coordination, combining business interests + technical fidelity, while still being a primary code contributor. I led the adoption of SaaS in our small team, cutting down our monthly costs by ~80%. I excised legacy architecture on GCP and moved us to Netlify, and informed how our backend could be as lean as possible by pushing the adoption of "pixel" based tracking (GET requests made to a server, which then pipes logs to BigQuery).

Senior Web Developer | Digital Public Square | Feb 2021 - Mar 2022

I was involved in architecting and maintaining inclusive web platforms; leveraging the latest standards such as using SSR/SSG to make something that was accessible (measured against actual screen readers), fast (passed lighthouse + simulated stress test environments), and that put privacy and digital sovereignty first (something that passed our internal guidelines, such as limited PII, data masking, etc.). I created an end to end service for survey taking that reached more than 500, 000+ users, and that was scaffolded using Airtable as a CMS. I drafted the entire stack which is still used to this day, reaching nearly every client we work with.

Web Developer | Gubagoo | Mar 2020 - Feb 2021

I worked with react/redux on a platform specializing in car buying online. I instrumented vital process and tooling changes (EsLint, Prettier, RTL, Typescript), and touched specifically on modules pertaining to car trade-in evaluation. My biggest contribution was to initiate an "atoms" first design system, which normalized all of our disparate styling into one consumable part of a Monorepo.

Web/Extension Developer | Windscribe | Oct 2018 - Mar 2020

I worked on a web extension serving 1,000,000+ users as well as other products for a VPN company. I self organized and achieved many learning objectives at this company, and came away with a unique skill set that deviated slightly from traditional web stacks. I drove the adoption of a theming system, better documentation, Storybook, and better Aria auditing.

Web Developer | Rich Media | Sep 2017 - Oct 2018

Worked as a web and mobile programmer for a digital agency. I used JQuery for most of my time there. My lasting impact was the creation of an internal bug tracking tool that was an adapter to Bugzilla. The tool simplified our bug tracking for our sales and QA team, and offered a more stream lined process for logging and tracking bugs.


Game Programming Associate's Degree, George Brown College | 2014 - 2017

English Toronto Metropolitan University, Bachelor's Degree | 2012 - 2014 (Partial)